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I'm looking for tips on how to play on this server as a SE level 20+. Like where to farm? Can i solo? Where to find parties? What quests can i do?

I am playing on the Gludio server

Any guidance would be nice


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45 minutes ago, Merik said:

I'm looking for tips on how to play on this server as a SE level 20+. Like where to farm? Can i solo? Where to find parties? What quests can i do?

For a start, you need a party. From level 25 you should prefer mage parties (due to empower). Prefer AoE parties, so that your job is only to buff and heal the tank. From level 28 you get recharge and thus can even opt for duo with a mage (non-AoE).

If you want to solo, you will be forced to deal with green and even light blue mobs often. Forget disrupt undead - that skill is a huge mana sink (plus the low cast range allows monsters to aggro you before you start casting). M.Acc./M.Evas. is the only thing that determines whether a magic skill will deal damage, so you should be using Wind Strike as the primary nuke. The upside is that with WS, you can go to AC, OB, FT or generally anywhere; with DU, you are forced to go to RoA and then immediately to EG.

Parties will be primarily doing AC (21+) and OB (25+) in the NCw meta. Each has an associated quest that starts in Gludin.

Besides the aforementioned quests there are also quests for hunting in FT (25+, though FT is biased towards human and elf mages), EG (25+), PH (25+), Floran (25+), Cruma Marsh (25+), Wasteland (21+ and 33+), Ant Nest (28+), GFG (Giran area, 32+) and Plains of the Lizardmen (34+).


EDIT: if you intend to go to RoA, there is a quest at Gludio south gate. The sad part is, Spartois will not give any items and they are the highest leveled undead there.

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Adding to what Devoid said, if you will lvl up with Wind Strike, mobs that are Wind Vulnerable are a very good choice, best place to farm at lvl 20+ all the way up to lvl 28 will be Dion Hills with the Monster Eye Overseer and Monster Eye Searcher, wierdly enough the Searcher is the best to hunt but its lvl 22 and the Overseer is lvl 25, so at lvl 20 you should kill the Searcher, will you will always have to kill the Searcher, I have lvl up my human wizz with my Cleric and Shillen Oracle in party from 22 to 28 there killing that particular mob.

It is also a good option for the Adena and the drops killing Searchers I found a Sword Breaker, lowest top ng weapon price but still 130-150k is good.

If you dont have Mage Staff (Top NG Staff) then first go to Dark Elven Village and do the Venom Sac quest that gives you 3k+ adena for every time you get 10 venom sacs, farm that until you get the Mage Staff, then farm Searchers until you can sell the Mage Staff and buy a Goat Head Staff, thats what I managed to do, lvl 28 with Goat Head, but as a Human Wizz ofc yet as I said Searchers are Wind Vulnerable so you kinda replace the extra damage that I have with my Blaze with that vulnerability.

Lvl up there until lvl 28, always look for parties AOE at AC or OB but they often want lvl 25+ for those places, when you are 28, if you managed to get a Goat Head and you have Recharge, you can find party with ease, ofc at lvl 25 do the Moon Knight quest for the Moon Robe set.

Dont spend adena on Spiritshots if you go in Party, dont buy any Weapon D until you can get the Goat Head, dont spend any adena on Jewelry or Armor in D grade unless you already have the Goat Head, dont buy low, mid, mid-top D weapons then you cant sell them, Mage Staff should be enough for now.

Same adena everywhere, for example, dont auto-activate the spiritshots, and dont buy blessed spiritshots NG, make a macro in-game that activates the spiritshot (put the spiritshot, for example in the 3rd skill bar in the 12 position and in the macro should use the shortcut 3 12 and then /useforceskill Wind Strike or /useshortcut 3 1 and put the wind strike in the 3rd skill bar position 1, so in this way you use spiritshots only for hits and if you want it you can finish a mob using a skill without spiritshot, heal and buff yourself without spiritshots and use that save to invest only in things that will make you more spiritshot efective, for example buy Empower Stew Lv. 1 until you have your own Empower, but it at 400a max not more, if you dont find buy 1 at whatever is being sell and sit to buy at 400a or even 350a, dont use your EXP scrolls until you have your Goat Head, only use the Halloween free buff and take advantage of that but dont use EXP scrolls on top of that, you dont want to finish killing Searchers before you get your Goat Head, and you probably will anyways, Searchers give you 140 to 328 adena because they are HPx2, you will have to kill them from 3 hits, always buy Spiritshots in Giran, 3 hits is 48a of spiritshots so even the minimum quantity will give you a profit, but at 70% change of drop and making an average its an average profit of 164 - 48a per mob so you will be geting 115a for every mob in general, you need to kill 13.391 Searchers to buy the Goat Head only from Adena drop, but its going to take a lot less than that because of materials and Sword Breaker Blades drop and even if you get a Sword Breaker. So, be mindfull that this is the best way... and...

Only one problem, this is just that good spot to farm adena that.... its full of bots and sadly moderators seems to be doing nothing, I had to PK twice the same bot and report it and he was still boting yesterday so... if you need to PK... PK and kill yourself as many times as you need, but beware from the fifth PK onwards you can drop, so I recomend you to make a human cleric so he can pk 5 times, you can pk 5 times, and if you pk a 6 time and drop you pick up everything with the Cleric and use the revive from the cleric, also you get Acumen from the Cleric with is really nice and you lower your experience and mp usage by healing yourself with the cleric instead of using your own heal, always try to PK with nobody on sight and inmediatly kill yourself with your alt-char and revive, learn revive in both chars, remember you dont care about exp for now, the lesser exp you get the better , your mind should be on adena.

After you get the Goat Head you can go to EG (Execution Grounds), go up and kill Crawlers and Spectres, with Empo, and Goat Head, using Disrupt you will manage to oneshot them so in this case it will be better for your mana.

On top of making a Human Cleric, it would be a great idea to also make a Elven Oracle so that way in lvl 28 the Elven Oracle get Recharge for you, and later on, you get Clarity, with PP, EE and you being SE, and having all those buff, you will be able to farm with Might of Heavens at lvl 40+, have in mind that while Might of Heavens can kill any mob, it doesnt need to be Undead like with Disrupt, the Power of this skill is low compared with any mage class so you still will need to kill mobs that have Holy Attack Vulnerability (Usually Undeads).

All this is to be able to solo the game, and still if you make a Human Cleric and Elven Oracle, for later Prophet and Elven Elder, it is going to be very very bad, you need a Clan and or a CP of either Mages or Poles, being Shillen Oracle/Elder gives you the advantage to be good for Mages (Empower) and good for Polers (Vampiric Rage), so your best choice is that.... if you find a good clan that really cares about giving you party, or a CP where you can be in a good party all the time, ofc after lvl 28/30 then you may change your investment from Goat Head to Mithril Set and Jewelry Elven, and save money for Karmian or even Divine set at lvl 40+, you dont need a good weapon if you have a party and dont need to deal damage, just buy a Crucifix of Blessing and a good Shield and you're set for healing.

Any ways I hope this wall of text helps you a bit.

Best Regards.

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As the respawn time has been modified for starter area, now it is almost impossible for any lvl 15 DE to complete their starter quests. Even on Gludio, the 1500-ish player server, it seems there are more than 100 bots all races killing all mobs in spider nest area. And most of them are with their summons and Moon set. Now it takes me about 2 hour to complete 1 lvl-15 task. I gave up my DE char.

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