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what boxes should i get ? help pls


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Ok guys so my main character is a destroyer planning for a warlord :D ...


The big question is ? what boxes i need in order to dont get stuck in any point of game later on ... i mean : 


should i get a pp/se with a bd/sw ? for exp ? 

or should i get pp/ee with a dwarf spoiler/artisan ? for gearing ? 


pls help :D i heard in the past many ppl saying that after pp/se as a buffer u also need a dwarf so u can GEAR youreself up ... 

if this is true ... for me its kinda tiring to lvl up all those chars :D

but it is not true than what are the best ways to make money / gear up  without a spoiler/artisan ? 


waiting responses ffrom ppl with experience :P 

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You want some experience then you will have to read an extensive wall of text :P

Well, first, the rules said that you can have 3 accs logged at one time so, you can have your spoiler and artisan and pp and your destroyer and a se and a bd it doesnt matter you only need to have only 3 accs logged at any time.

Now if you go for Destroyer... then you will be Overlord not Warlord ehehe ok so if you go for that you will always need PP thats no doubt you need a PP, because of some heal, Haste, DW, focus, berserker, might, bless, etc, PP is a most for any DD or tank, then the second box can be either a BD or a SE, if you go for SE you will have great heal, great resurrection, vampiric rage wich is very very usefull if you wanna use a pole (like a Warlord :P), but also Recharge so you can go overhiting stuff like a boss. but BD is really good for later, dont go for SWS... you can also have a PP and a BD in the same account, log in the PP buff the SE and the Overlord and logout, login the BD and keep farming, but you need to have your PP at lvl 52/58 so you dont really need it to lvl up more than that, but is kinda anoying to have 2 chars in the same account but anyways if you follow the rules you cant share your accounts so it doesnt really matters.

Besides that SE will give you a more inmediate reward (Vampiric Rage at lvl 30 and Recharge at lvl 28), instead with BD you need it to be 40+ to be usefull and still Vampiric, Recharge, Heal and Ressurection is better... if you have in mind that the BD will be better at lvl 58 when you get Dance of Fury (and 55 for Dance of the Warrior). because only lvl 40 Dance of Fire is not good enough, still Fury is good when you also have Vampiric Rage and Haste with good Heal to farm with Pole at Catacombs when they open or other AOE.

So, go for PP for sure, then I recomend SE, but actually BD at the end may be a better idea, or go for everyhing and make BD inside the PP Acc, but start with PP and SE, shitty thing is that you are not gonna have the PP to buff the BD... other good option is to go for PP and SE and at lvl 52 of your PP make the BD, buy a Revo Sword, Brigadine set, Elven Jewels, and help him with PP 52 and SE 52 to lvl up the BD fast.

If you have more questions ask, np.

Best Regards.

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tnx very much sir ... that clarifies alot for me :P with xp in general...

ps: i wanted to reffer at destroyer>>> titan (not overlord my bad) ... anyway


but the final question is .... since xp ing is done with pp/se/bd and stuff ..... 


WHAT ABOUT GEARING .... i mean should i box also a spoiler or artisan or both ? :| 

or u can make money more easy ? at raids / solo grinding ? 

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Forget about Raids, its a waste of time unless you have a very organized clan, about gearing, you will be able to get a lot of adena by being mindfull of the adena to get and the adena you spend. Let me give you just an example of my process of thinking about it and try to replicate this in your particular case.

I'm running Human Wizz, Cleric and SE (Maybe SE and EE is a better choice but... whatever I will try to AOE party later on and maybe duo CP with an EE in hopes that she/he have a BD dualbox that would be awesome) so, I started with Cleric (because I wanted to play Bishop and only that but I get borred of not getting party so I come back to what I'm used to... Necro and dualboxes) I started without making to many smart things just going with the flow mainly trying to remember how to play (I play since C4 but I leave the game like 4 years ago), the I made the Human Wizz.

So to make the human Wizz I spend like 5-6 hours from 1 to 20, how? well I went to TI, do the main quest, but at lvl 14+ I started to kill out party with human mystic and in party with the cleric so the mystic will keep getting exp all the time even while sitting, when I got my Human Wizz I went to farm Venom Sacs (3k+ Adena quest in Dark Elven Village), so what I do here was to take the quest with both my chars and keep them in party, but killing with both and while I was sitting I made a Dark Elf Mystic for later Shillen Oracle, I was killing spiders with the DE Mystic and with the Wizz, and with the Cleric rotating between mp, keeping always the DE Mystic in party while doing the 15+ quest, I was doing that quest with my 3 chars at the same time, but you have to kill to get the item so thats why I was rotating, but I made my DE Mystic after getting my top NG weapon and keep doing the quest until I get to lv 20 with my DE and I did the class change quest, have in mind I was rotating my Mage Staff between characters to be damage efficient. It was hard, lots of people and bots killing Spiders but anyway.

After this I went to Dion, with my top NG Weapon and already more than 200k in adena and a Devotion Set buyed from store xP, after this I started killing Monster Eye Searchers in Dion Hills, again a lot of people and bots, I have to pk some bots some time to get a free spot, and I did this math:

1 Monster Eye Searcher was 3 hits, I was using ONLY Spiritshots, no Blessed, and buying them in Giran at 16a each, 48a in Spiritshots per mob, and the Monster Eyes gave me from 140 to 328 at a 70% rate, so ((140+328)/2)*0.7=163 so I was getting 163a average per mob in that place, at a 48a cost its 115a winnings per mob, plus drops (Sword Breaker Blades 7k+ in shop and 1 Sword Breaker full 135k sold in Dark Elven Village (lots of people doing the quest to buy their first top NG) I was out that place at lvl 28 with my wizz, 27 with my cleric and s.oracle and a top D shop Goat Head Staff.

So I knew that farming those mobs in that place at that rate was profitable and I was 28 when I got my top D weap, without buying any other low, mid, top-mid D weapon in the process, because I know that I was going to spend more money in shots, now I'm getting less per mob, but still profitable, I double my adena with each mob I kill, I spend 48a in each Blessed Spiritshot D and I will with one shot with some mobs in EG, and I get 50ish adena in profit (100ish adena average per mob) I already know that I'm going to be able to buy full elven jewelry before lv 33-34 and probably I will be able to have Karmian at lvl 40 if I keep doing this simple math.

Yet ofc, if you get a Spoiler you will get more adena, there is no doubt of this, but again you have to be mindfull of what you are doing, so you should lvl up with your Raider/Destroyer (I also get confused when you said Warlord I thought of something with "LORD" lol xD) anyways, lvl with and buy either a pole or a Tarbar, keep leveling up and get a Brigadine Set, with you have this two things, then make the spoiler and when you have the spoiler at lvl 20, give the Tarbar/Pole and the brigadine and you will lvl up fast, you need that char with high lvl to get something, you probably will need it when you are lvl 40 and your PP too, but still you can get arround without it, it is just going to be more profitable that doesnt mean you cant go without it, a Blacksmith is not really needed, I mean you will get a lot from sitting him to craft but mainly at high lvl, so you need to farm/spoil the recipes, like, B grade and get your blacksmith to lvl 52 and sit him to craft B grade gear to be really profitable with that, or spoil parts of gear and mats, craft cheap stuff, cristilize that and sell shots, it translate in a lot of money but its slow anyways.

The best way of farming adena without a spoiler/blacksmith is by being able to aoe pole alone, or being a really efficient mage, and very mindfull of what you are spending, like I have macros to cast spells with shots and I cast for example, BTM without BSS, I heal without BSS, etc etc.

Best Regards.

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