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Bow : Slow vs Slowly


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Let's not forget that bows with Very Slow have longer shooting time (all action block time), effectively meaning you cannot kite with them (by the time you can move you can already shoot again). With shortbows, you can shoot, then move, then shoot again, etc.

In other terms, Very Slow/longbow reuse time is equal shooting time, Slow/shortbow reuse time is twice the shooting time. This does not change the fact that the shortbows do shoot and reuse faster.

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15 hours ago, Milabrega said:

very slow is good to kite, you can use HASTE potion



Mate, he compared with Light Crossbow. 191 P ATK

On 01/11/2018 at 6:35 AM, EmilyDozy said:

thank you for answer me

in your opinion you will choose slow or very slow ?



Go for SLOW always! Attack faster + Animation faster = Hit and Run if you want. The damage output is always bigger but the cost in SS is higher (a little bit).

Light Crossbow +3 you'll use it until you get the Eminence Bow (C - Slow TOP)

Trust me.

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