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1 minute ago, Coop said:

There are 1 cata and 1 necro. Both 78+

I know about those. 


1 minute ago, SumTingWong said:

I miss them too, but I don't think they will ever be back in the way we remember.  

You're probably right, we can dream though.

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14 hours ago, Arinulis said:

Am I the only one that misses the necros and catas? Can't wait til they're put back in. 

Catas and Necros are somewhat in classic.  We just haven't catch up yet

Patriot necro, cata of the witch,  CoFP,  Cant remember the other necro

I don't think there is Seven signs on classic so no ancient adena stuff.  I don't know if from last year the did implemented in KR or EU you will have to do your research

All those places I mentioned were mid grade and up.  50sh 60sh cant remember

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