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SK boxes


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Old school l2er gonna play classic when my PC comes in tomorrow. Did some research and decided SK sounds fun to main in the long run 

Will be boxing a PP for sure, just looking for suggestions on third box.

Was thinking sws, maybe spoiler but that sounds annoying.

Any thoughts?


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BD will give you the fastest "solo" pve speed.  SWS is a more defensive option overall, does help with damage, but not nearly as much as BD.  For pure leveling speed, only other option would be another DD, maybe tyrant/destro?  But I'd just go with BD as the default unless there's something specific you're looking for.

Spoiler would be super annoying to me, don't want to be controlling boxes for every mob.  But for some people that's half the fun.  

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Thanks, I'm familiar with the buffs each class gives. I should have mentioned that I plan on participating in as much mass pvp as possible. Kinda why I was leaning towards sws to fill needed spots without needing a separate weapon/gear


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1 hour ago, Fosh said:

For a tank? Suggesting I do that instead of a PP?

Oh somehow i missreaded spell howler, anyway, a shillen oracle can help with free vampiric rage so you have sustain. With a PP you have better clean speed. Up to you if you wanna make 1 or both.

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