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new idea about bots


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6 hours ago, NormDuke said:

NCSoft should just give me all 100% access and permissions to everything.  Pay me 10% of whatever Lineage 2 classic is generating for them, and I'll sit at my computer all day long and manually ban bots with 100% accuracy. 

I would do this for free...

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10 hours ago, marcysiek said:

Maybe add that when player has ANTI-BOT "buff" and he dies from mob he drops items? just an idea, what u think?

....and again.... bots are customers.... Why the bleep should they ban them immediately? In earlier days they had to pay for accounts, and now they do for vip. And since they do not get banned instantly its a win win situation....maybe another win if we think of the people that buy adena ;)

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two great ideias... combine flag with item drop eheh... so a player gets reported. if he does not insert the captcha he gets flagged and has a higher item drop rate than normal ^^

this is secure since AFK players if get reported out of town, the counter only begins counting when player returns to pc... ( if player is not using automated stuff )


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41 minutes ago, existenz said:




any answer on this thread?

honestly this forum is full of wonderful ideas that sadly won't be implemented. as I see we have two persons with us without being the KR team, one developer and one RP as I call it. 
For the feedback they are getting in the forum they are returning it back to KR team and KR team manages the issues, discarding what "does not" matter from what matters.

Sadly, even though I dont want to believe this, KR team ( I expect JUJI and HIME are forwarding everything to KR ) is discarding everything that has to do with implementing code to make something work. Everything that will change in the servers is:

  • Rates ( it will take some time because this is definitely an advantage for them for having rates like this )
  • issues with Items / Quests that we already had before...

everything else that involves programming new stuff or messing with the game's code for sure won't be implemented that includes:

  • bot workarounds ( flag when debuffed, kicked when debuffed more than X times, among others )
  • adena sellers workarounds ( select words to a DB then analyze info, after X players ignore same player chat put that player under revision, among others )
  • queues ( they already increased server slots, I don't see what can be done to workaround this... creating more and more servers its not the solution for certain GM'ts and players that are already somewhat advanced and don't feel like starting again )
  • fix these stupid events that only privilege people that have 6-9 accounts at the same IP's... ( crazy when you see people selling 1k CANDIES like... LOL? )

this game ATM is P2P ( PAY 2 PRIVILEGE ) bug fixing

I bleeping love L2 and atm I am VIP 1 and not intending to leave server soon... but I hope that this mentality changes a little bit since you have a few examples of what happened to servers that had this kind of money make approach...



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The reporting button could give a skill that decreased to 1 speed.

To remove it the player should access the menu and click on a button called, withdraw bot report, a window would appear where he would enter a random code that appeared on the screen, to prevent the bots to withdraw alone.

This report button could only slow down players who are not in pvp, siege, or killing boss.

Come on development team, you are smart and professional and I am only 13 years old and I discovered a way to make life difficult for cheaters.

Come on please help us, have clan distancing by sweating bot, has player getting rich selling adena.

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