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NCCoin will not add to my account


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Not being ignored??? LOL still no answer on my ticket calling my CC and getting a refund this is just a joke.Maybe you guys should look at the forums for the 10 other posts that are having the same issue all with no answers as well.  And the server que is just dumb with no vip. so whatever good luck.

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13 hours ago, Hime said:

Hello, you've done the correct thing by submitting a ticket. Please hang tight for an answer. You are not being ignored and our team will get to you as soon as they can.

I've created 2 requests because my accounts didn't received the NC Coins I've purchased and honestly can't see anything in the support website, it's all duplicated. Requests 22640666, 22640643, 22652591 and 22652591.


WANT MY NC COINS!!! It's been more than 72 hours!!!!!!>:(

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