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antibot protection does not work - how can we solve?


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Hello friends. with all respect, I love the game, I love classic, but I hate bots, because I'm a clean and honest player, only people who are using bot are against my post, I created this post to ask for help from all clean and honest old school players who use their hand and fingers to play and do not need scripts and bots to do their quests and upar their characters and get tons of adena, the bots have so much adena that they are selling out of the game and getting rich, we want a game with equality for all, while some need to be online to play others just control their bots with the mobile through programs with remote access. these bots are relying on 24-hour spoil materials and also doing adena quests on spider nest with allotted scripts. Please check out Elf Vilage and Spider Nest. I have a video of 15 to 20 Elf Wizards with summon, without fear of hiding, doing for all to see, we need a Game Master supervising several areas of the game, the only thing they need to change in lineage 2 is this, block and ban all bots and prevent them from collecting tons of adena being patchy with clean players, we clean gamers can not compete on equal footing with those bots that are 24-hour farming with dozens of screens open. I appeal to all clean players, help me draw attention to this problem so that ncsoft takes more care and attention and that they are banning all the bots inside the game. the button to report bot within the game is useless, there are hundreds of bots to report, we can not report all of them, there must be a better way to report and ban all those bots. in 2018 there is still no person capable of creating protection software that can prevent bots. I do not believe that.

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Bots been around since the beginning of this game. Don't waste your effort as people like you have come and gone in the last 14 yrs and the only constant is that bots still remain. Learn to live with it or move on to another game. Year after year promises have been made that this so and so antibot software will be the solution. 2018 is just another year that will come and go.

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Why would you be against bot? It's the ingame process,someone buys bot,someone pays for leveling. I don't understand,what makes your bleep burn so hard. Just play your game and have fun.

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