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Easy fix for long Queue's


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I suggest to higher the minimum level of fishing.

Right now you need to be level 20 to be able to fish, it's not difficult at all to make a toon level 20.

I suggest to change the minimum level to 40! Most people wont level a toon all the way to 40 just for fishing.

I am 99% sure this will solve a huge amount of the current queue problems. @Hime @Juji



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On these servers run about 2k bots per server + more waiting in non vip que and ppl come cry on forum to ban fishing, ban multiboxing and so on... or give stupid ideas that miss real problem here.  

I'm starting to think that those ppl are the bot owners or trolls or have problem with logical thinking


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I'm seriously considering paying for bot services. Since I'm at work all day I can only play properly during weekends. Might as well leave it to grind while I'm at work. :thinking: They ain't gonna do a shit about it anyway.


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1 minute ago, Hayate said:

there is 2 serfver with low and medium population you can start there and be happy with no ques.

Next brilliant idea - bots stay and block que, normal players who want to play with friends go out to other servers with different gmt and 2k population...


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