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So spoils like this are normal?


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I really want to play a spoiler main going all the way and i am trying my best to do that. But no one invites me to group because of these rates. Today i found someone with 2 boxes that dared to invite me and after 2 hours of me leeching his xp he ended up with 7 CBP


Offcourse he will not invite a spoiler back in his parties

But how am i supposed to xp? Just me and my box farming endless hours while a mage can easily find an aoe pt and get 1 lvl in these 2 hours? There is some big lack of balance here altough i totally agree that its a ftp server thats gonna be overloaded of bots but classic itself has a fix about it

Legit spoilers that will lvl 55+ will be able to outfarm the matsof bots. If bots spam farm the edges/heads/blades that is the highest you at 30+ then the price of those will be really low so there will be their loss so there is nothing to fear off 


Some actions over this should be taken as soon as possible. A whole class is unplayable at this moment and the be solution i have to offer is to scale the spoil on vip lvls as drops at least for balance before its too late


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Just now, Hpmorg said:

 you are hunting the wrong places if you only goy 7 cbp in 2 hours

We did like 50 trains in lizardmen getting only 7 cbp 1 cl and 2 mant shirt parts... Who is going to inv me to party with those results?

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