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[Server Performance] Died multiple times by Server Lag


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Hello there,

I am angry about these Server Performance Issues which just happened. I died twice in a row by Server Lag. Adena stolen of course and most importantly my XP is gone by 20%. That path I have to walk off is time-consuming while having XP/SP Buffs applied.

One other reason is also the targeting system. It simply fails by that Server Performance Issue. Selecting an enemy or a special one out of many and using spells just switch between enemies instead to shoot them!! While in fight this can count a loss which is paid by your death or you succeed whenever acquiring "works" as intended instead to switch between enemies. Could be a bug due to Server Issues...

Moving stuttery is also annoying. Unable to acquire targets correctly and to shoot.

I have to write that these Server "Lags" have just appeared when 2 special Bots have returned. One of them was flagged by the "Reported lv.1 Debuff", now both are running around again without any Debuffs.

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