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Tali - Abundance: Lv1 vs Hunter


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I was under the impression that all of the yellow Abundance Talis (Hunter, Outlaw, Slaughter, Conqueror) all combined to get 1 Talisman which included improved versions of all buffs (Being Abu lv1 (High-Grade)  - however upon looking at the Abu-Hunter vs Abu lv1 (High-Grade), there are some questions that arise I was hoping anyone could answer.

Here is what the Tali says for Abu lv.1:

Here is what the Tali-Hunter says:

Now my questions are these:
1. Abundance lv1 doesn't increase Crit chance at all, but Hunter gives 13% p/m crit chance - is it a wording error, or is that something that gets dropped when 'upgraded'?
2. What is the number value on the line, 'Additionally, recieved damage in PvP is reduced' on the Tali-Hunter? It's not listed on the item or in the passive when equipped.

Mainly asking those questions for this: Depending on how much PvP dmg reduction Tali-Hunter gives, when combined with the -15% PvP Skill dmg taken, could it be more valuable for a support (who doesn't really need the 1min buff) for PvP defense than a straight -15% pvp dmg taken? You would have to also add that the Abu lv1 gives 971 pdef, 552mdef - but that aside, if a skill is used on me in PvP, does -15% pvp dmg taken reduce it the same as -15% skill dmg taken... or is the damage calculated through some order which makes one better or worse?
Thanks for any help or clarification on this.

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the crit chance is removed when upgrading, it barely increases anything though (few points).

Everytime you kill someone, you'll receive a hunters buff, this is the part with "Additionally......" up to lv. 5 buff, each kill will level it. ( 5 kills to lv. 5)

Scroll down on this page, and you will see the boosts > http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/store-promos/05272015-abundance-talisman.php

You can kill people in arenas etc to stack it up, if you die (even with nobless), enter some instances, remove hunters talisman etc the buff will be removed.


So technically is not worth using hunters, since you wont be doing any killing. but if you dont really die, i suppose you could stack the buff level up before you go pvp.


PS. If you equip hunters talisman, kill 5 people & then equip abundance lv. 1, you can stack the buff + abundance lv. 1 passive effects for the best defense possible.

Just make sure not to remove hunters talisman, or use the buff from abundance lv. 1, as both would cancel the buff.


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