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Need advice ( Orc Raider )


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I'm level 24 Orc Raider. Very new to this game. I really like 2Handed Swords and polearm. I see the benefits the polearm for aoe grinding/parties.
However I would like to lean towards a more pvp gameplay in the future when i grow up big and strong.

I am concerned about my build, I have polearm mastery and 2handed mastery. I dont see myself using polearm alot in the future. Will my points spent into polearm mastery have a big effect on my overall build in the future? Example; Not having enough points into more useful skills like the stun for hammer etc etc.

In my mind i thought, "well a couple points in polearm will help me level up faster and grind mobs for now, and ill just spend more points into 2hand/hammer later." 
^ is this possible or did i already messed up my build? Will I have to make another Orc Raider? Any advice is appreciated.

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You're completely fine. Take the skills in order of priority to you right now and don't worry too much. Not only are you not even at your "real" 40+ skills yet, SP right now is so small that buying everything currently will take a couple hours to earn back at high level mobs. If you're ever really low on SP all you need to do is die and drop xp. As you gain the XP back, you get sp too, but again, as everything scales, once farming late game and deaths from pvp start to add up you'll have excess SP.

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