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Well, the end is near... I am almost done cleaning up my WH, here's the remaining items: 

Consumables (they can go as pack 2.5b for all): 

Int Chilli Stew 168 Pcs

Int Cream Stew 194 Pcs

Wit Chilli Stew  742 Pcs

Wit Cream Stew 777 Pcs

Entrance Pass Embryo 50 Pcs

Minion Coupon 5 hr 30 Pcs

Eva's Circlet Pack 3 Day 10 pcs

Unsealed Jewels each 500m pay 1 and get 1 free, remember you pay the powders: 

Amethyst Level 3, 1 pc

Cat's Eye Level 4, 1 pc

Diamond Level 3, 2 pcs

Emerald Level 3, 2 Pcs

Opal Level 3, 1 Pc

Pearl Level 2, 1 Pc

Ruby Level 3, 1 Pc

Price 1.5b:

Longing Talisman, 1 Pcs

Price 2.5b:

Pearl Level 4

Gear (Buy a set a get a free belt!). 

+6 Blessed TW LA Set FE Military App

+8 Blessed Seraph LA Set FE Military App

Cha + Patk Racoon Ears 1 Pc

Pvp Belt (Magic Ornament) 1 Pc

Pvp Belt (Special Ornament) 1 Pc

Help me close this L2 Life Chapter!, thanks all!. 

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