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Can we have a Suggestion Forum section... My solution to Queues

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    All the Events/Quests/L2Store Items with Limit 1 per account have encouraged even 100% legit players to make a NEW account for every character they try... and then log them all in together or in groups. 

    I think we need to encourage players to have more characters per account(obviously the bots and shady scam-artists wouldn't care) VIP applies to every character on an account is a start. but really needs more... changing the Limit for Events/Quests/L2Store to 1 per character instead of 1 per account, be it daily/weekly/monthly limit etc. have more Items bound to account instead of bound to character(and make transferring items 30a each or up to 10 items for flat-rate fee... 1000a per item in this economic situation is silly)

    NOW is the time to introduce CHEAPER unidentified> 99% bound items... ACCOUNT BOUND so if you open the pouch and it becomes bound, you can send it to your Dwarf to make a couple crystals when you are finished with it.

    Attendance type Events just log each character 30 min then switch to the next, easy to manage 5 accounts without a database for each username password like you'd need for 30+ accounts. Innova even has ban/suspension system that 1 character on an account can be disabled during investigations while other characters are still playable.

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Adding more Account bound items will drive people away from this game. Its things like that which made every MMO I've played after l2 unsatisfying. Id quit instantly if they started making changes like that, so would all the other hard core players. 

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I'm NOT advocating everything be Account Bound... just saying some of the Items which are already Character Bound be changed to Account Bound. Then adding the Cheaper(5-10% cost) Unidentified->99% Bound Items just D-C grade even to start; however you could still buy/craft Normal Equipment... when they introduced the unidentified Items for GoD Launch they were Character Bound, I think they would make more sense AND encourage players to have more characters per account if they were now Account Bound. Would you rather every player log in 4-5 accounts and switch characters or have them log 25-30 accounts and leave most of them AFK while they use 4-5 characters?

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