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Question about Windows and ALT TAB


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if i set up a changing in windows to replace ALT + TAB keys, for, for example Z letter


could be this considerer as third party software?

im asking this because people is too rude if you change something of the game, even if you play in white and black, people can get angry, or even if you play in low graphics


then im asking, if i modify that, to do alt + tab just with a letter, could be considerer as third party software?


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1 minute ago, Lawman said:

I think that would be fine, so long as you still have to physically click the letter to perform the act.  It's automating that click that would get you in trouble.

well, im doing alt tab, with my two hands " 6 fingers in total " then i thought i can press just 3, if i set up to a closely key, but is a windows modification, is legal?, technically i have to modify code in windows registry to allow that ( hypothethically talking )

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2 minutes ago, Lawman said:

You could put in a ticket to ask, just to be safe, but I still think it's okay.

i would do it late, thanks, but good to know what community thinks

i think the essential rule is " a guy should be in front of the computer " then thats the reason of why in 2018 we have captchas ( i have to admmit, sometimes the captcha appears a bit hidden in the screen, you have to move the screen, maybe was because i reseted or changed positions or something, but is ok, i always completed it in minute 19 )


i feel afraid of dont see a catpcha ( anyway people quit me a doubts about that ) i feel afraid because i have mules, then i dont know if the people report the mules and not the characters, and mules are just in follow, then im altabbing many times, to check if a captcha appeared when people is around me


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