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Lag -> Disconnect -> Queue // who has the same problem?

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For past 2 weeks i have this problem quite often like 1-2 times every two hours online: 

 Lags -> Disconnect -> Queue for hour+

My friends from TeamSpeak has the same problem, yet some of them in the exact same time, some not. 

I have almost perfect connection to internet with 0 packets losses and during the lags my connection drops 0 packets to some tested IP's so it must be server issue or something close to server.
Anybody have the same problem?

(Poland GMT+1, server Giran)

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I am also playing from Poland and I have similar problem. Whenever I leave my shops for the night, they get DCed after 1-2 hours. Today I tried to login in the morning and got 4-5 DCs after 5mins of logging in.

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We play in 4 friends here, everybody has different internet provider. I have disconnect in the same time with one of my friend who lives in other part of Poland, and has diffrent internet provider. Others have disconnects when i am not. I think it must be issue somewhere close to server or server itself.


43 minutes ago, Garfield said:


Czesc, nie zauważyłem tego problemu, przez ostatni miesiąc miałem może ze 2 DC. Skąd masz net?

ten sam server, ta sama strefa czasowa

Jestem podłączony kablem do pierwszego routera a potem światłowodem do Cyfronetu AGH/Kraków.

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Chciałbym pomoc ale nie wiem jak:( Jak wspomniałem, praktycznie nie miałem DC od czasu jak wystartował classic a gram na wi-fi(router podłączony do lokalnej kablówki, 100Mb/5Mb, karta sieciowa w lapku z MIMO), wiec nie sadze, żeby problem leżał po stronie serwerów NCsoft

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