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AI Daily quest no SP points


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I am unsure what level you are but regardless I would highly suggest getting to level 45/46 then staying there.  The reasoning is you get an additional Forest of Mirrors daily which gives you an additional 7 scrolls daily, and is much easier then AI.  So that will net you 10 scrolls a day.  In addition the Dungeon of Abyss is ranged from level 40-46 and 45-50.  This means levels 45 AND 46 you are able to do both dailies getting double the boxes.  Those are the only 2 levels capable of doing that.  Considering thats probably the easiest way to farm C Grade accessories I highly suggest that be your focus.  Those quests do give some SP.  And if you get Dimensional blessings that will give you about 2 levels worth of CP.  



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