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Manticore Set Effect bug


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according to Manticore Set description, it should give P.Critical dmg +15. Wearing the set the effect appears in the passive skill section and its written +15% P.Critical dmg.

However, neither +15 or +15% is actually applied when hitting with a bow (tested on PvE and PVP). Not sure if it works with other weapons, but for bows this effect does not work at all, and I think

it should be investigated and fixed.

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‘’Hundreds of dmg difference’’ rly :D?

go and hit npc, u will see that the difference is ~8dmg. Put set on, put it off, same crit, same differences. 

Go hit a mob, e.g turec orc perect, u ll see that the difference is from 500 to 520 between your crits, no matter set on or off. Hundreds of dmg difference :d?

There is noticible difference when u hit a mob from behind. There is noticeble difference if I turn on the Vacious stance, which also has fixed dmg, not %. But there is no noticeble difference if I hit with or without set. I think it would be easy to notice +15 dmg increase in long term shooting, harder to notice if its some kind of small % increase. However, there is nothing to notice here, because it simply does not work.

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