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Bots Suggestion


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Since nothing will fix the problem,and it seems having a couple of gm going around the tiny map we have is a fantasy,at least you can give some improvement: 

- give some reward if somebody report a bot with ticket and u actually find him botting.Adena,runes,half inventory of the bot,whatever u decide to

- put back dropping on death by mobs,now they can just exp and farm with top D weapons,later they will with +++ weapon.Sure this will lead to some harrassment to normal players,but harrassment only lead to pvp,it's not so bad,and it's nothing ppl cant handle.honestly,all the changes u made to pk system and drop in death are good for bots,and this is..weird.

You can add more ideas if u have,this will not fix it but will improve the will of the players to fighting them and keeping server more clean.

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