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(Talking Island) Fearless recruiting 40+


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Hey all solo players or half cps out there we are looking to fill our ranks with active dedicated fun loving people who want to thrive in a team envirement.

Currently fearless is clan lvl 3 and our secondary clan is lvl 2 and we are looking to find a few more people to join our ranks..

We need blade dancers first and foremost and then ees/bishops/ol wc/   (seems everyone wants to go dd)  for once we have alot of sws which is nice lol.

We are currently carving out our role on the server..some friends some enemies nothing to out of hand.

Anyone interested come on by and say hey and we can chat and see if your a good fit.. We are an international community of people..euros swedes even a couple of brs hang around :) all are welcome we do not discriminate..................     https://discord.gg/Z6cbrfC  come on over or send me a message  Convict#2582

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