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[TI] Starting a Melee CP aka "Chill TF Out".


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Hello, tired of playing solo? joining all these clans who dont care about you? Going to all these raid bosses and not getting none of it but wasting time for someone else's profit? Well this might be for you ;)  

Will try to post as short and as informative as I can, as people gotta understand what they r signing up for.

Let me start with introducing myself. My name is Georgii (Russian version of George), 26 years old,  and im from Russia, but I DO LIVE IN USA (Los Angeles to be exact). 

I started playing here when server opened, but unfortunately quit on the 2nd day, as i felt like the launch was terrible and decided to give it a month, so here i am. 8 days ago I started my main which is going to be TH. Currently my main is lvl 30, pp box 25 and crafter 23. I know im behind the average level but this week i'm going to catch up to 2nd class so i gotta start planning my future in this coldblooded world of lineage 2 being a poor dagger.

I have an experience since RU classic opening days and as many of you know - playing melee on classic you gonna go thru 100500 levels of hell, torture, bdms and just total pain. But at the end - high level fun is pretty fun and unique. So if you are a guy who dont like to wear robes and not a brainless creature who can only assist and press f1 - I'm inviting you to build a CP or better to say - a very chill, but at the same time serious group of GROWN people, whos goals are to have fun and to be known as one of the dangerous melee pts on the server.

Before i get to classes and all that let me quickly describe what type of people i want to build with and some short/long term goals. So please read this to see if it suits you or no.


Grown and independent. By grown i mean - no fights within the group. PVP/PK all day but its all about respect between each other. Independent part means there is no chance of your mom unplugging pc in the middle of the group activities. Also i would love all members in the party to be able to spend some IRL money so at least all mains have VIP 4. At some point we might level off party boxes (like crafter, pp etc.). I would do my best to take care of VIP on those if needed.

PATIENT. You playing in a melee party - its the slowest party to level up ( archers and mages grind way faster), in pvp  you r gonna be meat until patch 2.5 most of the time. All the debuffs gonna land on you with 99.9% chance. In other words - you must be a fan of your class, no rerolls please.

Willing to socialize. Most of time in l2 classic we gonna spend grinding (esp on early stages.). Discord is a MUST ( gotta talk about some shit while killing mobs otherwise it becomes incredibly boring and you wanna quit asap).\

PVP ORIENTED. Lineage 2 is a pvp game so the main focus of this group is PVP. This is something we gonna be practicing since low levels,  as practice is needed to get to the top :). People must not be scared of losing % and engage in pvp or pk( if needed).


PRIME TIME (will start when majority of the group are 40-45 or in the same level range).

8 pm - 12 am PST (GMT -8). 

This is the time the whole group gathers together to do group activities, whether its exp or pvp or something else. During prime time all the loot will be distributed among party members as needed (will be discussed in discord).

Group Goals:

Short Term - develop a constant prime time and build up teamwork and good relationships with members. Within a month find a pvp oriented clan with wars.

Long Term - maintain as a strong group, try to get maybe 1 hero in party in patches 2.0-2.5. Having everyone 78+ in patch 2.5 is a must.

Group Structure:

BD - Vacant

Sws - Vacant

BP - Vacant

SE - Vacant

TH - 2stab (me)

AW - Vacant

Tyrant/Destro - Vacant

SK - Vacant

WC - Vacant

10th off party member could be Crafter (you could be replacing one of dds when they off and just hang with us, as its boring to play alone :D)



 If you are interested pm me here with a little info about yourself and why do you want to join the group? (few quick sentences). You could also find me on discord - bangwithflava#6095 or skype - stylemakerz

My IG nick is - 2stab


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