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OMG !!!! There is no more ....


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On 25.11.2018 at 1:01 PM, CSCore said:

u needed some cp to switch allegiance and some to quit before u can win? :) 

Does that mean DH is giving up already ? Come on, L2 always changes, don't raise the white flag yet just cos you lost all castles yesterday, as SashaScarlet said in that other thread MAX needs to keep Aden 3 more complete months to be "even" at least. But it looks like the Lemmings are already leaving, which isn't a surprise, but still it's sad. It needs bigger balls to play in the losing clan for sure than simply joining the winner :)

About quitting: Yeah, we're in the same boat. We also lost ppl and CPs, "thx" to classic and P2W madness again. Sigh...


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