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VIP 4 drop rate in comparition with lower VIP tiers / non VIP

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5 minutes ago, TuTTiFruTTi said:

Am I the only one, that feels like VIP4 drop rate is not working properly?

Share your opinion in this poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/16797865

Please understand, this is not a rant. I am trying to gather a bigger sample of players to support or disprove my claims.

Thank you for your vote and attention

Oh I get more mat drops with VIP4 than not, but the way they nerfed the drop table (1 item drop at most, usually) means you are even less likely to get the better drops than old 1x rates.

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people will generally not pay for vip4 for very long once queues disappear

then we will get pay to win, simple as that.

pray for the queues to continue, and start applying to anyone under vip4

Queues are our best hope at them not destroying the game.

How bleeped up is that?

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