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is it only me that feels like stuns and bleed are like 100% chance if your skill lvl is the same as the other guy lvl

for example, if my sting is from lvl 34 skills, and the other guy is 34 or lower, the chance will be almost 100% 

and if your skill is lower than the other player lvl for example lvl 24 skill vs lvl 30 player it will NEVER EVER affect him

can the GMs please explain how resistances work on this client because i feel its a little different from what used to be in all other lineage chronicles.

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You are correct. its skill lvl based. 


If you will hit an enemy who is higher level than your skill it will not land - that depends how many levels is the target higher than your skill lvl.

If the enemy/target is lower level than the skill you want to land it will/should land always.


Then resistance buffs / jewellery / armor sets come in play to counter that.

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