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Sakumi    23

The rate situation seems to be getting worse, not better. It's pretty obvious the rates are as low as they are because the game is free-to-play, which from a business perspective, I understand. Unfortunately this does not mesh with a portion of the player base, which will seemingly lead to some players leaving the game prematurely. 

At this point I think there are more than enough players that would be willing to pay to play on a subscription-only server with original 1x rates. You could still have a shop with cosmetic, and other non-gameplay affecting items for additional revenue.

Obviously random posts on forums don't really matter, but hey.. if you guys would consider a subscription server, a lot of us would appreciate it. 

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Devoid    122

Following the release of Truly Free and the associated afk-event 20+ char boxers, there have been similar suggestions back in 2011. So far, classic is precisely following the demise of GoD. So let me tell you: there will not be any subscription based servers in NCw, ever. That concept has failed, it will not be brought back.

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Saintly    33

I would pay up to 20$ - month for a sub based server with no CS.

Its not i dislike cosmetics but we all know damn well they will just not stop there.
They will add a bit of XP bonus on this costume, a bit of SP on this one, maybe a bit of extra matk on a wizard costume etc etc.

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