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Which server has the most NA players?


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my 2 cents:

  • Talking island: has most population that can speak english (as first or second language) imho @40% there are native english speakers
    Allways heavy (even vip can get into +250 queue if on primetime, free players can get +10hs queue on weekends)
  • Giran server: is similar to Talking island regarding languages, most understand english as first or second language
    Allways heavy seems that queues are similar to those on TI
  • Aden server: has high mix of languages, portuguese/spanish/english... most may understand english but it doesn't mean they may still want to speak it among eachother there are several english speaking clans afaik
    Has way less queue than TI or Giran when it has some.
  • Gludio server: i have no idea of the player language distribution there)
    seems that it never gets queue

i hope it helps you

regarding the title of your post:
i dont get why you seems to think that NA means ppl speaking English (it isnt) so i will do a fast mostly acurate explanation

  • Mexico is at North America and its official language is Spanish
  • Canada is at North America and its official languages are French and English (french is spoken mostly on the east and english on the center/west)
  • U.S. is at North America and, even if doesn't have any official language on federal level, ATM the national "de facto" language is English (legal official status on like +30 states in some share legal status with other languages too) and spanish the second most common language in the country
  • then i can mention every single country at "central america" (that is considered part of north america) most countries south of mexico speak spanish too
  • then i can mention that the caribean countries (that are considered part of north america) most speak spanish french english and other languages

I hope it help you to diferentiate "NA players" from "English speaking players"

sorry about my english skills, but you should still get the point
BTW i play at Talking Island server but im not a NA player, im a SA player

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