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Dual Blunt Tauti, Work in Summoner Passive skill Superior Weapon Mastery?


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Superior Weapon Mastery
M. Atk. +24%, additional M. Atk. +1079, Casting Spd. +23%, M. Critical Rate +6%. P. Atk. +105%, Additional P. Atk. +822, P. Accuracy +4 when a two-handed blunt weapon is equipped. INT +2. Depending on your INT, the Cooldown resets or the duration increases by 2 times.

I've never owned any Tauti weapons to try it for myself (cos you never can tell with this game sometimes) but dual blunts and two-handed blunts are different weapons so summoner's will not get any benefit from Tauti's Dual Axe. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

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