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Archers vs Mages for DUO Party


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My friend and I started playing in Giran server a couple of days ago. We really need help in deciding which clases to play.
We intend to play together but w/o CP. Our idea is to have a base archer/mage and one support box each. In terms of pve, economy and time invest: should we go two archers with PP & BD/SWS or two mages with SE & EE/BD?
We dont have a lot of free time and we dont want to have regrets.
Thank you!

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I'd do mages and SE.

Not sure about the other support. With BD, you gain +14% m atk and lose 5% casting speed compared to a prophet, but you only get your buffs on 49, 52 and 69. For the long run, a BD is better (especially if you plan on reaching third class with your boxes in later patches and you get Siren and Berserker dances), but it gets effective a lot later than a prophet would.

Mages should probably be Spellhowlers for body to mind. Necro would work too, but it's way too expensive to play if you are not hardcore as bleep.

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