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Please put the 30-Day rune in the VIP tab of the L2Store


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The 1-Day and 7-Day rune are on the VIP tab and the 30-day rune should really be there too, You have the VIP tab as a reward for people paying money every month already and having the 30-day Rune there is not an unreasonable request

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A VIP 4 discount option would be awesome.

i think the problem is people arent going to spend 50 bucks a month on top of their vip 4 costs on all chars required (for me that would be 3 chars, and screw that lol).  cool they put it in the store, but the cost is pretty insane. if the rune didnt tick down when offline id consider it, but no rune in L2 history has ever worked that way.

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