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I had high hopes...

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This is becoming a real issue.
I've personally had to see people who were paying for VIPs and were mass reported by toxic players and just simply stopped playing or replies to appeals on non-issues taking weeks to be replied. This is poor costumer service at best and negligence at worst.

What incentive do players have to continue playing on Classic if there isn't someone to manage them properly and solve problems case-to-case when it's a more complicated issue? When there is literally Adena sellers spamming chat nonstop? Drop rates that are a joke? Maintenances that doesn't work so players have to stop playing for about 2hrs for a issue that wasn't really fixed? 
I had high hopes coming back to play Lineage after so many years on the Classic servers to relive some of those C3 magic but NCSoft is really letting people down... and to be completely honest, I don't think most players will stick around to be treated like a gold mine instead of an audience to be cultivated.
It seems to me that you guys weren't ready for how big the servers were going to be and are short staffed, I get that but why not hire people or grant some trusted players mod roles to delegate things that sometimes GM's overlook for lack of awareness or something like that?
C'mon, NCSoft, you can do so much better. Please, do better... :(


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