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Dont even know if its worth even playing

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On 19/1/2019 at 2:22 PM, Warsmith said:

@SumTingWong to the hater, got my warsmith account back a few days ago and a small stipend of 1200 ncoin for a mistake on they're end. 

After 24 days and 6 tickets some of theme not even related to the banned acount, they ignored everything, probably they dont even read it and it says, waiting for your reply again, so i did just put my last ticket:

Since the rest of the tickets were ignored, i just have a last question, if i had always my 3 accs logged at same time, how is it possible that only 1 got banned, 3rd party program would be for all of them not for 1, and its even the lower and the one i was lvling up to help friends. 
but well, out of 35 guys i came here to play with, there are only 2 remaining, and i rly love lineage2 but sadly it looks like u dont want to support it at all, there are a thousan ways to see who is rly using 3rd party programs, and instead of that u ban ppl who dont use them then ignore them, 24 days have passed alredy from that. 
And i was even paying vip to my main and planning to maintain vip 4 cause i was enjoying the game even with all the problems i was having, but i think this is the end, if u ignore this post aswell i will quit definetly and will never play something from (company name) again.

pd: sry if i looks like rude, but 24 days being ignored by gms and trolled from some ppl in the community is to much for me, from the first week was already too much probably.



And of corse 2 hours later, awaiting for your reply with no response again, thats all for me, wont even look at forum anymore after this post cause i just cant stand this anymore,

so gl, i hope u enjoy your lifes, cya.

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Don't bot and you won't have any problems. Also seeing someone trying so hard to gain advantage spending 500+ bucks in a month, I'm almost sure he also bought adena and botted hard.Well deserved.

too late the Wong is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE! Had a buddy get caught up in the banwave last night, but you know what he did?  He went to the support site and used the system in place instead

Well done.  In fact, they don't even "ban" you at first.  They "lock" your account pending review.  If you got locked, definitely appeal it and talk to them in a rational manner, using well formed sen

3 hours ago, youknowme said:

i havent meet someone who has been banned due to suspicious activity and its not using any kind of 3rd program .. if u are getting ban its because u are using them and now u lossed ur account and come here to cry about it , stop using these programs and u'll be able to play normaly without any kind of problem .. soon sieges , gg !

When you walk through life with blindfolds on, you tend not to see much.

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47 minutes ago, Degus said:

When you walk through life with blindfolds on, you tend not to see much.

are u saying all this people crying doesnt use 3rd programs? all my friends doesnt use around 30-40 in giran server and they never got any issue .. 

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I am on the cusp of quitting also... I have 3 level 4 VIP accounts.... the adena and item drop rates are also one of my biggest concerns. I do not and will not pay for adena with real life money. I would gladly pay for a game subscription like the old days $7.00 for normal server rates and a block for free accounts for chinese / russian farmers. 

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