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2 hours ago, VincentColpa said:

why they would not make? no way to get caught... ncsoft knows this... maybe its even NCSOFT paying them to do it... just think about it... wouldnt it be convenient to NCSOFT to do this? AHAH! obviously its a troll thought but as you can see...

... and that is one video... you can check many others

bro, if ncsoft is winning money with this, hope lineage 3 be the best game of all times LOL


lineage 3 virtual reality? omg, could you imagine? maybe the suggestion i did in year 2004 of the future of videogames ncsoft can make it true


1) buy a real life kit to be a mage or a warrior

2) buy a plataform to move 360*

3) launch the game, put your glasses

4) lets feel inside the game

5) no more fatpeople playing games, all trained guys, cuz lineage 3 gonna be lineage III Crossfit




thats the future of videogames.

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@mixa I hope you do not have the same problem as us, because when you come to do a post in the forum, I'm going to laugh

we asked for proof and we have paypal disputes on now for those  accounts

On 11/12/2018 at 10:06 AM, Demoneyedcam said:

Unfortunately to add to this a couple of us have basically confirmed the bot captcha can appear off screen if you load in borderless windowed mode and do not initialize after entering the game. This will basically let it count down unnoticed and action will be taken and ncsoft takes a hard stance that you're cheating even if innocent. In trying to bring this to light with the gm team after having an account banned they basically told me to go blow , great customer support turning away paying customers instead of admitting they have an issue.

Anyways maybe this can help someone in their battle to get their account back.

I've actually discovered I had a captcha on a boxed character because they suddenly weren't responding to me hitting F2. I'm pretty sure the captcha interferes with your skill or in game macro usage and if you can't notice that.....


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support wrote back to me that they will not write back for my tickets .... I got the ban at the time I was fishing ...

if so many accounts have been wrongly banned, then something is wrong?

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This account was locked by suspicious activity and unlocked after i had provided what the asked for.Today my main account locked without any obvious reason to me!

Accounts are being locked no matter if you botting or not! It is their silly software.The only think that they will achieve is to loose more customers for sure!

Even if they unlock it i am not sure i have the will to continue...That's all!

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