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D/C issue


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I'm having an issue where, for one, i can't keep my character online in town all day to take advantage of the vitality regeneration...

Another issue being that I can't fish all night or while at work.


But the most annoying issue I am having is that I can't set up a private store.


I get d/c after about an hour of inactivity while standing still or fishing, but when i set up shop I get d\ced almost instantly...


Wonder if it's just me?

I see people online 24/7 in shops, though, so I don't know why I am getting these d/c like this when i can play for an 11 or 12 hour session on the weekend and not get one single d/c. Only happens while i am afk.


Today i got d\c about 30 seconds after setting up my shop...


I would like to avoid the insanely high cost of using the auction house considering the items I am trying to sell do not sell very fast, cost something like 12 mil a week to post, and lose about 100mil worth of their value from the sales fee (if set for 7 days).

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that is an issue with your PC, check the power saving plan settings and make sure it doesn't go hibernation mode or turns of hard drives after X amount of inactivity etc.

alternatively it's a router/firewall setting that just cuts off any type of internet connection upon inactivity

to be clear there's nothing ingame tied to this kind of disconnection


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We'll see. I guess I'll check out the router settings when i get home cause i know my computer doesn't hibernate.


Will google, ofc, but if you know how to get into router settings, let me know :P


As far as firewall, i guess I'll have to check that, too, but I didn't even know that was a possible setting for a firewall.


Side note: I've probably d/c'd by now, lol.

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