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Can we just open another new server, I know Gludio is new  but I think more people willing to leave Aden,Giran and TI  if they can start fresh then deal with the que. No point going to Gludio if they will be behind already compare to old one. Plus the 30$ pack is gone so a lot more people won't have 50% exp boost which is nice, and I can start fresh on new server ;p and most problem will be fixed. I hate the random we open new server out the blue or least give us a date when this is going happen, yes other 3 packed and Gludio is not but even if they leave for Gludio the same issue would happen anyways just be less que for top 3 servers. Might well go for 5th and that help some que and people spend more on new server then they do with old one ;p. 

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lets make that a no box - no script - no gold spam server .

bring it !

the servers you just created are not fit for humans .  they cant even log in because machines are in que .

honestly the whole thing should be destroyed . a very sad attempt at making a decent world .

please stop walking on the internet with those armies of bots . ...

oh, I mean ... bring it ! ...


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Gludio and Aden both aren't full.  The servers aren't that old that you're unrecoverably behind and I don't think they want to be releasing new servers every 2-3 weeks because people don't want to be "behind" on the last one.  

If there's evidence that people are leaving Giran/TI en masse for Aden/Gludio and 4 still isn't enough, they'll open a new one.  Right now, that's not happening.

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     I know Gludio isn't all the way full for sure, Aden  maybe almost and  2 others  are having que's still like hell. If you're not competitive like me where a month does make difference, talking grind spots mostly, ever try find one cause when I was leveling in Gludio almost every spot i went to grind in 25's were taken or over crowded to the point I would have to much down time. Only spot was wastelands were unless you got top D weapon kind of  point less and unless you kill them faster then other spots you're wasting time. 

         I know no one wants to leave Giran or TI to go to Aden and Gludio at this point. I know their will always be that one person who have a lot more time then me, spend more money then me and get RNG lucky. More people are coming some are leaving and others just waiting again for another server which some say waste of time but meh pack gone, 50$ 50% exp/sp people have to get, means more money for Ncsoft and you know they can merge servers in future if server stays dead.  Think better to have new server then wait until Gludio gets full and you get another page of que complaints. I'm waiting and won't spend  ;p just chilling on Gludio until new one pops up. 

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