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Dwarven Craft Profit Strats


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Hey so i have a question for people who make there profit through just crafting, I want to know out of all the D grade items in Recipe levels 3 and 4. Which items do you make the most profit, strictly by sitting down and buying all the parts, considering all the materials needed and why. In Recipe level 2 i found that Temptation of Abyss makes me around 160K profit, which is more than most others i can craft at that level mainly because Temp of Abyss doesnt require any D grade Crystals so that cuts a ton of costs off of making it. Sword of revolution i can calculate will end up making me around 500K profit in the Level 3 Recipes. Can someone with experience break it down and let me know which ones are best to make profit of off and tell me based off of the cost in materials. I tried D grade shots but i dont see any profit at all that i can make it takes 2 D crystals which i see people in giran buying for 550 each so that 1100, Then 8 spirit ore which sells at 600 in shop so 600 X 8 = 4800. So its costs 5900 adena to make 100 BSSD and they sell at 49 each which is 4900. Someone tell me what i am doing wrong, give me some Crafting tips that will help me make tons of profit and that way i can join a clan and help like a real Merchant should. PLEASE!!! :'(

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