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Anti bots = Mobs with abilities


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One thing I've notice is that the areas with the most frequent bots are with mobs that has no abilities and just helplessly auto attack. Areas with magic damage like the monster eyes and shamans are devoid of bots entirely or they work around it to avoid them.

Why don't we have more abilities on mobs? Why are there areas where some mobs would just auto attack and don't even aggro? If all the mobs has some form of ability that requires even a little player caution or interaction we wouldn't see so many damn bots.

I'll like to see more mobs spaming abilities, damage wise or CC however decrease the duration because it's ridiculous being 2x longer than the player's equivalent.

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Bot trains can wreck monster eyes and such so quickly that the damage is irrelevant. All you'll accomplish is making it harder for normal players.  Generally the problem with monster eyes is that they are located in areas with low mob density and/or slow respawn. Mob density and respawn rate are far more important factors for botters.

Bots have no problem dealing with aggressive areas too. FT necros/catas and more were/are botted heavily.

Complete no thank you on the ability spam. The spiders that spam poison was a nightmare when trying to do quests during early classic. Of course a bot wouldn't care because it would instantly remove the poison (and/or heal) and move on.

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