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How 'bout "Common" gear?

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Common Items were once added (purchasable at shops, common drops from mobs, freely tradable), later all sources were removed after they understood what a huge mistake it was.

At Truly Free/GoD, a better option was added to get unid drops which will most often convert to bound (untradable), which you can then still convert to normal using a designated scroll. Later on, all sources of bound items were removed after they understood that it still was a huge mistake.

The only possible solution would be for monsters to drop time-limited items, like 1-hour equipment at somewhat lower rates than common items used to drop. Anything else means being able to gear up chars extremely cheaply - so being able to spend ALL adena on shots/pots/etc., which is not L2. In L2, you must choose one of three: weapon, armor or shots (does not apply to CPs since they gear a DD and tank first, other 6-7 people get nothing or scraps).

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57 minutes ago, Qwald said:

Because of miserable drop rates, which does not actually compensate Soul\Spiritshots, i suppose it would be adequate to turn on Common gear sales at vendors in towns.

Sorry, but I fail to understand this kind of logic.

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Sorry grind for you C grade gear or work on B grade, those scrolls level you up so fast that you will notice you gear sucks buttocks. Find out where the C grade drops for you and grind those until you hate yourself and everyone else. Don't forget to check luxury shop if you're lazy and have a lot of money to waste. Then next if you godly lucky and get C grade weapon you going need C grade shots ;p and depending on server you going cost good amount if someone is crafting them.  Yes you going be grinding same mobs for days and pray to you're RNG god for drops or go lazy route tell someone to grind for you and buy it off them. 

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