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Is that just PVE?


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7 hours ago, c08mk said:

Actually with current settings you should be the person to change the game. You know how the game is set up and if you don't like it it is impolite to ask other players to leave and to ask NC to change the game that will fit your expectations.

Main principle of the game did not changed. All what is changed is balance - it give just boost to classes that are better in KS and farm faster. Because they cannot be stopped now. But it does not changes how overall game works.  And that is not expectations, I'm from Skelth - I already played with this settings.

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On 14.11.2018 at 4:54 PM, VincentColpa said:

ffs open your eyes. everything is done to work with bots.

PK System is like this because if you easy lose your karma, bots won't be able to farm and would have to make more complex scripts for them to keep boting.

Drop System is like this because if players drop on dead, bots would lose easily their gear and would not be so profitable for them if that happened.

BOT report button is useless because if bots would get something heavier than a simple debuff ( that in most cases is like having no debuff ) they would not be able to bot the way they can

and NCSoft considers this system the way it is super viable, or else how could bots farm and NCSoft make even more $$$?

guys, open your eyes and don't play games that come from this kind of company


that seems just a problem of Talking Island server.

On Giran is daily mass pvp with hundreds of ppl for raids

Actually there are even 3 big sides

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On 11/11/2018 at 3:37 PM, NazgullSupport said:

About this: "if you remove the nice pvp they will get bored I guess, right?", you're partially right. Some of us still love to farm and make pvp eventually if it is needed, so just some ppl could get bored, but no everybody.

I hate Bots a lot, but I hate much more getting PK just because they suppose that it is funny and kill you. I understand that you'll love to give Kill to these Bots, I woul like to do it too, but if the PK style is removed, then we will get here the abusive people I as talking about, and it is not good for the community.

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I just cant understand where do you smart people come from, bring back item drop after death ??? I'm 100% sure that when it will happen to you ( and it will sooner or later if we would have it) you would cry rivers on forum. Do you think its good gameplay to have groups and clans going in and stuning people bringing mob trains just do drop you under mobs? There are so many ways this can get abused you have no idea, there was a time on russian servers when people were looking for groups to exp, you get invited and then a wc 78 teleports you in front of an agro mob in giants cave and you die in 1 hit, 1 guy lost emic bow +16 like that, does this sound like good gameplay? When people are afraid to group up to exp so they dont get scammed by people bringing mob trains and getting perma stuns? This is just disgusting. So many people got to 60 went to farm in more dense maps and got trained and perma stun with droping weapon that they farmed for months, and its game over you quit, does that sound like a good gameplay and business model for a game?

Many people including me will leave the second after if this crap gets implemented.

P.S. you want pvp get into a clan and declare wars, i know what you actually want, you want to group hunt solo people and pk them for fun so you feel better about yourself, and you cry there is no pvp because you dont participate in pvp with equals or better organised or equiped people because you get your ass kicked.

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