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Wednesday 14/11 (???)

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20 hours ago, Zeep said:

1) The Halloween event ends and:
2) Gatekeeper back to normal. (Ppl 41+ pay for teleport) --> This is believed that is correct? When never fixed point 3?
3) Adena quantity, drop of item, and the loot rate will be increased in: --> (?????????)

  • Hunter Valley
  • Alligator Island
  • Timak Outpost
  • Sea Of Spored
  • Ivory Tower Crater
  • Outlaw Forest
  • Forest Of Evil

I think the staff need analyze the situation.. @Hime @Juji

dragon valley already giving OK adena compared to other locs.   if they "buff" dragon valley mage CPs will make 20kk / day ........

but EVERY other spot need fix.  not only the mentioned above. we need global rate fix.   i dont get it why we play on x0,2 rates compared to jp/kr/tw/ru/eu classic.........

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19 hours ago, Starsong said:

Easy answers:

1. Another afk event, because more ppl afk on = more queue for free = more conversions to VIP = profit;

2. Reroll and earn a tele-trip around Aden each hour for your main;

3. Never, they're as intended, they make perfect sense and people don't know what hardcore is (obvious sarcasm).

PS: @mixa unless they mix up the patches again and you can create mini-Antharas char as magas BR with xaxa emote


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On ‎12‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 1:36 AM, Devoid said:

I will never understand how certain player brain works, obviously.

First of all, if you remember Chronicle, it was about 9001+ quests (both single-time and repeatable) that you could do. EVEN certain single-time quests AND quest chains (like the one in VoS) would give you such low rewards that (since you could actually die doing them) would allow you to earn more XP, SP and adena by simply ignoring them and continuing to farm. Same for repeatable quests - only a small fraction of them were even worth considering, the rest were useless trash.

So, now in classic, you notice some quests that are clearly targeting rerolling players who are swimming in adena and gear and just want fastest XP possible at any cost to get back to endgame on their new char asap. And it somehow occurs to you that you absolutely must do those quests on your main. And not only that, but that you absolutely must teleport to each hunting area using the gatekeeper(s).

The thing is, you don't need to do any of those quests. Just like you kill certain mobs for adena, others for spoils and others for XP, similarly you skip any quests that do not benefit you in your pursuit of your current goal.

Moreover, instead of porting back to town at end of each hunting session, you can just find a less crowded spot (or the edge of a hunting ground, or certain parts of a road going through it) and STAY THERE. This was a common strategy back in Chronicle, and it still is a viable strategy in Classic. I will never understand why people complain that they are forced to spend adena for X or Y when they aren't. They are only forcing themselves to suffer.

I Agree Mr @Devoid, but looks like some of the"old school gamers" has forgotten the suffering way of this game, because the updates NCSoft made to the game, putting it into trash, and making that everybody forget how this game suppose to be. When I read the post I ask to myself, are all these people coming from illegal high rated servers? or just they are completely blinded because of the chronicles which you got lvl 80 in a week or less?. What shame for all of that Cryers but more shame with NCSoft and their AntiBot System hahahahahaha  

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