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right now big problem is the queue list...just too much for anyone willing to play. we all know servers has many failures but if you cant even play and enjoy a game playing while you have freetime its a recipe for disaster...

first fix : max account per computer now is 2 (3 is max number right know)

second fix : autokick by time, meet people with more than 100 hours login in just hitting an NPC or stores selling a stem for 1millon for a week...why? if you are loged in a peace zone for more than 3-4 days server should kick you automatically, people should start using forum for trades and selling stuff.

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3 hours ago, Devoid said:

Private stores always were an integral part of Lineage II. They are not going anywhere, whether you like it or not.

And a private store, by definition, is AFK. So there will be no activity checks coming in. Never.

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