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Dagger class for pvp

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Hello, Dagger is rly strong for PVP, single target dmg is insane if equipped with proper gear!!! 

Problem 1 - PVP/PVE depends on AOE dmg, which othells lack, so people choose Yul/Feoh to be more efficient.

Problem 2 - most of the time othell needs to chase target, so overall dmg during pvp is lower, because most classes can efficiently kite/teleport/run/cancel target

Problem 3 - most othells just run like mad :D and healers have problem healing/supporting them, because of that all party can end up dead rly fast :D 

well that is just few of the reasons, there are more ..

Still if you have proper gear/control over skills/timing/apm/enchants/strategy etc etc … you can rly kill with othell, no doubt about it 



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