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How about sales hotel/auction house ?

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Why did you not put a sales hotel ? Since the begining of servers, there are queues, and there are like thousand sellers... So, why did you not put it ? it's already existing on live servers, if i do not a mistake. I see only one reason for that : "because people will stop paying VIP to dodge the queue" but is it worth to let it this way, than putting a sales hotel ? Because there are less people who can play, so less potential people who could just have the want to play and then maybe less people who could pay the VIP later.

It's just an idea... Oh, and with that you will have less work to do about scammers.

So with that, you will fix the queue, the freeze/lags in town or on servers and minimize the scam. Or you can open another server and work on moving account to the new one. I don't know what should take more time to do. I prefer the first idea :D. But maybe you will loose too much money if people are only paying VIP to dodge the queue... So i can dream <3

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