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Good evening.


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So we recently came back after about 10-12.. maybe even 14 years xD. Anyways...

So you do quests now apperently, and level up really fast, that´s all fine, but i just reached level 51 and have no idea where to go next. There´s also no indication on where to go to continue the newbie quest line. Went to dion, oren nothing, no indication or any marks on the map that "Here! i have a quest for you!" Which ends me up in Google all day.


Any tips or help would be appreciated. Like i said, level 51, elf spellsinger. It should be atleast some form of notice where quests are, like in... all mmorpgs, maybe i´m just too low level for any quests atm.



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Stay in whatever area the quest left you in - kill monsters without quest for 1-2-3 levels, and you will receive a new quest (bottom right of ur screen).

This will happen all the way up to lv. 85, the quests alone will not reward you sufficient enough XP to get you the next stage of the quest.


PS. after like lv. 82 you iwll have to grind it out to lv. 85 without quests.

PPS. this "easy mode" will stop at lv. 85, 1-85 is like a big tutorial now.

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