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Help to choose class

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Hi guys i need help to decide what class to play for solo player. Atm i have 92 iss with only paulina gear. I want class which i could use for solo like exping, farming sometimes pvp. Party hunting stuff i dont mind. Anyone could give an advice?

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To be honest mate, players here can give you a good advice, if you share some more info! 

Game is 100% gear now, so do you have any plans on gearing/spending real money on it? What kind of solo/party content would you like to be able to do? 

Do you have any other Lineage2 experience, or only your ISS 92 with free gear?

More info = better advice

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I love Eviscerators, and nobody can say something else to me C: I've been playing it since it came out and I gotta say, most enjoyable and the most satisfying class in the game for me. You can actually see the damage you do in instances. Ofc i gotta say it's a solo target xp monster unlike yuls/feoh who are really strong atm, at the same time as well for PvP. Evisc is good in pvp if you can function her properly. 

As like Argus said, all about the gear, but still... even if not spending money there are enjoyable classes here, and as he mentioned in another thread, the market is plummed and prices are low as hell compared to what it was a while back. 

I spent around 1 year trying to figure out waaaaaaaaaay back that I liked to play, I rerolled from tank > othell > yul > sahya > and eventually evisc until I found my joy for this game. Since I knew the classes before were most likely to need really good gear to make an influence, Evisc was a cheaper way out of the situation. 

You don't need a lot to be strong as Evisc dmg wise since Steel Mind is all she has atm.

But eeh, now I'm just rambling about how good the class is I love to play, Argus could talk about Yuls like I am so it's just my own objective personal opinion. 

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@Argus i just spent 5 euros to buy xp boost and not going to spend any more. I only play for fun to spend some time not going to achieve anything. I want to deal damage solo farm/ hunt in party. No i dont have any experience in this chronicle i used to play in illegal servers of H5 platform.

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