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What Ncsoft are planing to do with all these bots?

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Please do not pretend its not main problem of server , if you blind go check around map locations and maybe you will stop being blind and stupid , how long will take bots to take over Cruma Aligator Dragon valley Loa? and other main spots of farm is sad to farm 6-10h a day and see full of parties non stop farmin 24/7 , now on kill we dont drop items where could be best value to get bots atleast something extra by killing them with train of mobs , or pk them and clean fast but with this pk system how i should fight ? when to my spot coming bot partie ? i must to leave? if i pk them they coming in 5min and continue to farm ? 

(The names i report for 100% bot i save nicks on macro to pm them they still all in the game) 2 weeks old 3 weeks old so where is those "massive ban waves" ? @Juji  Or someone answer what is your plan to deal with it ? 

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