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D&C Crystals


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Today I made calculations of the items available in shops with the meaning of gaining crystals. Not all of the items tho as there are quite a lot of them including dualswords. The cheapest D-Crystals from shop items are +/- 606 adena per unit. How do people make crystals worth 550a or less? I know there are full drops that can be crystalized and sold as cheap as possible.

What are best shop items (including duals) to crystalize? For both D and C crystals.

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i will offer some example:

D grade crystals

  1. Leather boots ,cheapest npc price is 22990 and when cruystalized  gives 38 crsystal D grade so 22990/38=605 adena per crystal
  2. Now lets try to craft leather boots:
  • leather boot lining  4x1000=4000
  • Leather 8*750=6000
  • CBP 1x300=300
  • suede 3x130=390
  • gem stone D 1*1100=1100
  • crafting cost 250
  • total=4000+6000+300+390+1100+250=12040,  12040/38=317 adena per crystal

C grade crystals

       1. revolution+revolution  buying from npc store is :

  • revolution 1540000*2=3080000
  • crystal d 179*605=108295
  • sop 20*2500=50000
  • total=3080000+108295+50000=3238295  when crystalized gives 1148 crystal c  so 3238295/1148= 2820 adena per crystal

        2. now lets try to craft aquastone ring:

  • Silver mold 12000
  • crystal d 25*605=15125
  • vop 3*8000=24000
  • mettalic fiber 600*15=9000
  • aquastore ring wire 8*1900=15200
  • gemstre c 2*3300=6600
  • crafting cost 2000
  • total=1200+15125+24000+9000+15200+6600+2000=73125 , when crystalized gives 41 crystal c, so 73125/41=1784 adena per crystal

As you can see if someone invest in buystores and crafting, he can make crystals well below the prices you mention.



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