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+15% P. Critical damage augment (NO EFFECT ON PETS)

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Quenia    25

Found a 2015 test on EU official boards that test among other things ( like the effect of PVE/PVP items on pets) the effect of +15% P.Crit dmg augment.

It clearly mentions that it doesn't affect the output dmg of pets.


I was looking for this piece of info for quite a while so there goes that.

Not 100% sure that it applies to our version also but i think it's very likely.


PS: I can assume that the same thing applies to all augments (cloak,circlet).

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AgathaC    0

For what i have been tested only actives augument affect the output dmg on pets (%patack /%pcrit damage), pasive of atributes (+70 attribute augument), and those that slightly change the summoner stats (but the effect is allmost nothing, like the % critical chance)

Sadly wynns scale real bad the more pve/pvp ítems are added by the developers that increase/reduce damage by means of pasive skills.

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