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Mob lvl 21 = 6 adenas. Is Joke?

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20 minutes ago, franoca29 said:

The title say all.

lvl 21 mob give 6 adenas i cant buy ss, or weapons or armors,

in classic lvl 21 mob give like 150 adenas but here 6 adenas??


Quest mobs give no adenas at all.

Try another mob?

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This is the worst mixup of people misunderstanding the forums. 

Please check again where you post/reply posts. LIVE or CLASSIC. 

Yes, in Live, you can get level 85 fast and the mobs that are low level always dropped a little number of adenas. 

The point is to get 85 ASAP since you get everything for free if you follow the main quests (sometimes you need to grind a little bit to level up so the main quests open up) 

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from 1 to 85 exping just killing mobs you won't get even 1kk adena. They nerfed by 1000x the drop rates in order to prevent bots to farm 24h open world mobs. Now farming adena/drops bots have dissapeared in big % but now real users don't get enough adena from mobs to pay soulshots. For example at lv 95 i go to lv up at silent valley. I need like 10-12 soulshots R grade to kill 1 mob. Price in ah of ssr is 117a the cheaper one. So i spend 1170-1300 adena in SSR to kill 1 mob. That mob not allways drop adena. i think its around 25-30% the chance that the mob drop adena and he drop just 700-800 adena. So after farming 1 hour you probably wasted 1.5kk adena in SSR and just got like 50.000 adena from drops. So the only way to make adena is from NCSTORE. buy items with real cash and sell them tho other players for adena.

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Vicinni... nobody really counts their SSR consumption anymore I feel like since they are such a minor factor of this game atm in Live servers. Yeah in Classic you count them, but here... I mean, everyone always has shots and adena for shots. 

Dunno really where your problem is. If going all dailies daily you have more than enough for SSR and other stuff...

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