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Ability Tree bug ?


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I dont know if this is happening only to me or is a general bug...down there we can see my stats and HP bar etc with Abilities from Warrior tree:

I had: x4 berseker might:Patack 4%, x3 berseker element 30, x4 berseker focus +40 crt, x4 berseker death 7%, x2 Berseker Battle: 6% patack

So, 10% more patack and check my hp, pdef and mdef


Here I have none abilities chosed.....look for my Patack, Hp bar, Pdef and mdef...hell matack too


I just dont get it....Its normal like this? What do I do worng?

Ps: Thanks for baninng 24h Conquero...now I know for sure that you are aware of our problems :)

Ps:Whats wrong with that word? Why you baned for use?I dont get it.....

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I am not sure whether this is related, but in the past few weeks it has happened twice to me that when I leveled up and wanted to learn a new Ability, I could choose that Ability from the interface, but when I wanted to Apply it, a little message window popped up which said something like "This action can not be performed". After logging out and logging in again, all Abilities on the character had vanished and needed to be learned again (the Ability Points corresponding to the level were there). After that, everything was fine again.

So the Ability Tree is definitely bugged. Whether it's the same bug in your and my case is for the QA Department to decide.

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